Zabardast Movie | A high altitude travel diary

The ultimate adventure. A five week freeride expedition in the centre of Karakoram, Pakistan in freezing temperatures. An eight strong crew of freeriders looking for the best mountains to ski on. They found Biacherahi’s North Tower, standing at 5880m. Picture Organic teamed up with photographer Jérôme Tanon to film the whole thing. The result? Zaberdast, A High Altitude Travel Diary. 


The team completed the mission in complete autonomy. Pulling sleds packed full of food, tends and solar panels across glaciers making it a true adventure. The idea was sparked by Thomas Delfuno when he was flipping through the book The World’s Most Beautiful Mountain in a library. That’s when he became obsessed with Biacherahi’s North Tower’s steep terrain.


Photographer & film director Jérôme Tanon said: “The day the team started climbing Biacherahi Tower’s legendary face. It is a day that I will never forget. From sunrise to sunset time seemed to stand still; our eyes remained fixated on this vertical, seemingly impossible-to-climb face.

“I have never been so far from civilization. When we crossed Skam La Pass at 5660m elevation, we felt like we were the only people on the planet. In fact, if I had to summarize in just a few words our 3-week, completely self-sufficient experience at 5500m, I would say remoteness, adventure, and camaraderie. Never in my life have I experienced anything like it.”

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