Will you enjoy the ride?

The Alps could lose as much as 70% of snow cover over the next 80 years!* That’s an astonishing statistic that will adversely affect not only the outdoor sports community who rely on healthy winters for their livelihoods and leisure time but also the wider environmental impact of a loss of snow cover will result in increased sea levels and disrupted ecological cycles will be felt by all of us. Remember, we all need winter.

We, at Surfdome, want to be part of the movement to help dictate the outcome rather than react to a foregone conclusion and, therefore, we have teamed up with Protect Our Winters UK to help mobilise the snow community against climate change.


The past decade has been the warmest on record and it’s having a dramatic effect on our winters. Having a strong affinity for the mountains through our love of action sports, we feel it deeply. Our favourite sports are at risk as our outdoor playground continues to suffer as a result of climate change and we couldn’t just sit back and watch it happen.

Surfdome, as an e-commerce store within the action sports community, has an elevated influence to drive a movement in support of climate action. We want to use this position in a positive way to get the public to understand the consequences of climate change, and what we stand to gain by stopping it, or lose by failing to.

Photo Credit: James North


We went off grid for our revolutionary AW18 winter campaign with POW ambassadors Ed Leigh and James Stentiford, heading into the mountains of Verbier, Switzerland to see for ourselves the very real risk posed by increasing global temperatures. And what did we find?

Snow, snow and lots of snow. Surely this contradicts everything that we thought to be true? The answer is no. For the naysayers, it might mask the issues, but the reality is that we were not supposed to have that much snowfall at that time in the season. The rise in average global temperature is leading to crazy things; “from hotter heat spells and droughts in some places to colder cold spells and more violent storms, more intense flooding, forest fires and species loss in other places” – Thomas Friedman.

Photo Credit: James North

The term “global weirding” was coined by Hunter Lovins, co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute as a play on the more commonly used term ‘global warming’ which only refers to the rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system. If things don’t change, the continued shift in climate change will cause various weather-related extremes, including both hot and cold weather, to become more intense.

“The reality is that the climate is changing and it’s becoming more temperamental. It’s not necessarily warming in a linear fashion, it’s just becoming very, very temperamental.” – Ed Leigh

During our trip to Verbier, we were lucky enough to enjoy the mountain fully and spend a few wonderful days shredding. We even made an igloo which became our home for the night! An experience that we won’t forget in a hurry. But it dawned on us very quickly how fortunate we were to experience this and we understood that the generations after us might not be so lucky.

Photo Credit: James North


Surfdome as an E-commerce store has highlighted the areas of impact we have on the environment, and we’re making real change. From partnerships with charities such as Protect Our Winters UK to the brands we choose to sell (such as Volcom with their innovative REPREVE range), to our sustainable processes as a business – we understand that it’s time to act now.

Surfdome’s customers want to experience natural areas free from plastic pollution and enjoy functional weather systems that are not disrupted by climate change, all whilst wearing the best gear for their adventures manufactured in a process that is not detrimental to the very environment they enjoy using it in. Therefore, we want to make it easy for our customers to choose gear that has a minimal or even positive effect on our environment. Through options like our sustainable gear listing page, we have easily identified products that have all been independently recommended as a better choice.

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*[source] European Geosciences Union