Taking Marine Plastic Head On – #RidePlasticFree – Flexi Hex

We love taking on the marine plastic pollution crisis head on! So when we caught up with the innovative team at Flexi Hex whose system eliminates plastic from surf, snow and skateboard packaging, we knew we had to get fully behind them and the #RidePlasticFree campaign.

It’s a somewhat embarrassing situation that boards are wrapped in single-use plastic, mostly bubble wrap – particularly surfboards which are used in the oceans that are directly affected by plastic pollution!

We were sold the moment we caught sight of the Flexi Hex system. Yes it looks awesome and of course, it eliminates the nasty plastic stuff, but it also offers more protection for our favourite new toys, reduces lengthy packaging time and we can all re-use the system again and again, perfect for that next trip on the plane. You can buy the system HERE

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Beautiful, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, increased protection – whats not to like a bout the new Flexi Hex system

Flexi Hex is the brainchild of the Boex brothers Sam and Will, excellent surfers from Porthleven on the south coast of Cornwall. They were dismayed at the primitive wrapping of boards with single-use plastic in comparison to the innovative use of flexy cardboard for …. wait for it …. fruit packaging!

Our headline sustainability strategy here at Surfdome has been to eliminate as much single-use plastic as we can and surf, snow and skateboards have always been a sticking point as they need increased protection and are, of course, bulky. There have been a few attempts at improving board packaging, but Flexi Hex is the first to truly offer a plastic-free option.

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We’ve been very proud to assist Flexi Hex in accelerating the system to market. We hard tested Flexi Hex through our operations and it passed with flying colours! So, we have been extremely confident to recommend the new system to all our board suppliers and we plan to work with them all to ensure that plastic-free board packaging becomes the norm #RidePlasticFree.

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Protecting a new Fourth surfboard, with no plastic!

Excitingly one of our favourite surfboard brands has fully committed to using the system. Fourth surfboards will only use Flexi Hex and therefore no plastic packaging, the brand will reduce the equivalent weight of plastic as 23,750 plastic bottles by using the system in 2018.

Check out the Fourth surfboard range HERE

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