Southern Freestyle Jam

So far this year we’ve had fleeting heat waves and what seems like constant torrential rain. The only thing the south of England has been missing recently is some snow. Fortunately you don’t need it to showcase your skills at the John Nike Ski Centre in Bracknell which is where the Southern Freestyle Club held its annual competition on Saturday 9th June.

Freestylin’ steeze at the Bracknell Ski Slope

The Southern Freestyle Club and their yearly Jam have gone from strength to strength over the past 5 years and Surfdome, along with our friends at Butta Wax and Animal Clothing, couldn’t help but get involved this time round and helped sponsor the event.

The Jam saw nationwide skiers and snowboarders take to the jumps and rails to bag some loot from the sponsors and enhance their reputations on the freestyle circuit. They did not disappoint, check out the results below:

Overall categories and winners:


Under 16 years (Male)

1st Michael Rowlands

2nd Tom Saunders

3rd Kyle Wood


Over 16 years (Male)

1st Tom Coe

2nd Ollie Powell

3rd Kiran Patel


Under 16 Years (Female)

1st Maddie Rowlands

2nd Emily Keen

3rd Lexi Rowlands


Over 16 years (Female)

1st Rachael Walsh



Under 16 years (Male)

1st Jake Binnee

2nd Max Wittrick

3rd Bradley Gaulter


Over 16 years (Male)

1st Jack Labbett

2nd Dunstan Langrish

3rd Matt David


Under 16 Years (Female)

1st Becky Menday

2nd Amber Cordingley

3rd Bradie Zimmer-Collins


Over 16 years (Female)

1st Sam Rogers

2nd Helen Pickford

Massive props to the winners and all those who took part.

Two Southern Freestyle Club members, who participated in Saturday’s event, Michael Rowlands (14) and Tom Saunders (14) have recently been selected for the England Freestyle team and hope one day to represent GB in future Winter Olympic Games.

We love to see home-grown talent get better and better and can’t wait to watch the event grow even further!

A young Surfdome and freestyle enthusiast



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