Rider Profile: Geaorid Mcdaid


Gearoid Mcdaid (pronounced gar-age) is an Irishman to watch. Since his days as a young grom, Gman (as he is now known due to the fact no one can pronounce his name) has been at the forefront of Irish surfing with his steely determination and competitive edge. Thanks to bags of style, power and plenty of talent, this Irishman’s future is looking bright. Prophesied to be ‘the next big thing’ in European surfing, we caught up with Gman while he was out in South Africa filming for a Monster Energy project – a far cry from the -1 temperatures of County Sligo where his surfing career started.

What’s in your Fourth quiver?
My quiver ranges from my little 5″5 shank small wave board to my 6″10 charger model step up with some 5″9 , 5″10 ,6″1 and 6″6 between. Each of them go really sick in different types of waves.

You just spent a month on the north shore of Hawaii. How was it being in the mecca of the surfing world with all the top pros?
Being in Hawaii was so sick – just staying right there on the beach at pipe was so good. Plus, to watch the best guys out at pipe out there everyday was also so sick. The one thing that was hard though was the crowd – it’s extremely to hard to catch a wave at pipe. 

“I don’t think anywhere in the world comes close to the waves we have at home”.

You’re an Irishman who has your home turf pretty dialled. Is Ireland the best place in the world to surf?
To me it is. You might have to sit through a lot of rain and cold to get the good waves, but when you get them [it’s worth it]. I don’t think anywhere in the world comes close to the waves we have at home.

You’re about to take on your first year on the WSL Qualifying series. How are you training for that and what’s your plan for the upcoming year?
Yes I’m really excited to do my first year of the QS tour. I’ve pretty much just been trying to surf as much as I can in any condition. And if there aren’t any waves to do some training, then I’m in the pool and stuff as well.

Glenn Hall was technically the first Irishman on tour – do you have aspirations of being the 2nd?
I suppose he is Irish to a certain extent, although you wouldn’t think it if you heard him talk ha! It would be pretty sick to be the second Irish person ever on tour – it definitely would be a dream come true.

What’s your favourite wave at home and favourite wave abroad?
The peak in Bundoran has to be my favourite wave at home. I’m not too sure what my favourite wave abroad is – I haven’t really scored anywhere properly sick away yet.

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