Maluku | Hand-shaped and crafted in the UK


Hand-crafted in the heart of Cornwall and infused with a spirit of adventure, Maluku surfboards combine fundamental design principles with traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Add a timeless aesthetic and a deep-rooted concern for the environment and you’ve got the current Maluku range.

The product of over 25 years’ shaping expertise, it comprises retro fishes and high-performance grovellers, versatile mid-lengths and traditional longboards, updated single-fins and classic eggs. This is where Surfdome comes in. We stock the entire range of Maluku boards, and now our resident Australian and bearded ginger legend Jack has gone and reviewed a few of our favourites, along with a selection of surfboards from international brands such as Haydenshapes, Channel Islands, JS and Pyzel.


One of our best-selling boards over the last few years has been the Flying Frog, a super-fun solution to all your small-wave woes that will also handle the bigger stuff. With plenty of volume under the chest, it paddles like a dream, catches waves easily and flies over flat sections, but the pulled-in tail enables the kind of control and manoeuvrability that is usually the preserve of more standard shortboards. It’s also available in green as an eco-board, which eschews the usual petroleum-based epoxies in favour of Super Sap bio-resin.


Those after a more conventional egg shape might prefer the Genie, or you may find the Fish Cake, our most popular fish in 2018, more to your taste – especially if you’re transitioning down to your first ever shortboard. Then there’s the Quad Fish, which sports a slightly deeper swallowtail and a more traditional fish outline, but can still perform off the lip and on the rail thanks to a few contemporary refinements.

That’s just scratching the surface of the vast selection of surfboards in stock here at Surfdome. Be sure to check out the rest of the Maluku range here and check out all our board reviews here.