Guide to Glastonbury Festival 2013

glastonbury festival
Courtesy of John Starkie via Flickr

The mothership of all festivals has landed. Yes, Glastonbury 2013 is officially here to party out all those lucky ticket holders and fill everyone else with envy. After a ‘fallow year’ break, you can be sure of insane coverage and even greater performances from some of the biggest contemporary music legends. After much discussion, here are Surfdome’s top tips in making the best of the world’s most glorious festival – Glastonbury.


Be Ruthless

Plenty underestimate the sheer size of Glastonbury. At over 900 acres, it’s probably bigger than your hometown and requires more walking and hiking than you could imagine. There will be hundreds of acts you want to see but unfortunately, there just aren’t enough hours in one long weekend. Be ruthless. If your friends want to go go elsewhere, then see your act alone. Plan your time effectively and only dedicate yourself to those you truly want to see. Four or five musical legends will leave a far clearer memory than thirty or so non-descript bands.

pyramid stage glastonbury
Courtesy of Andrew Parnell via Flickr

The Dreaded Clashes

As always, there are a few killer clashes that will put you in a real conundrum at Glastonbury. This year? The Arctic Monkeys go head-to-head with disco legend Chic (the chance of a Daft Punk and Pharrell interjection is huge) whilst Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds face off with the Smashing Pumpkins. The very worst clash comes in the form of the Stones vs Public Enemy: damn you cruel fate, damn you.


More than the Music

Of course, incredible live music is going to be the focus of Glastonbury but there’s more to it than that. Art installations, sculptures and theatre acts are abundant and it’s a good excuse to experience other forms of art. Recurring club nights in the form of Shangri-La and Block 9 are also worth a visit – very different to the festival feeling but absolute carnage is guaranteed.


Keep Costs Down

Festivals are becoming pricier and pricier. Glastonbury unfortunately is no different. Unless you’ve got wads of cash to spare, it’s better to buy all your essentials beforehand. By essentials, we obviously mean booze and dry foods but you can also pre-cook oven food for some first and second night treats. After that I’m afraid it’s bashing a tin of beans on a rock before eating them cold. Alas, how the modern festival goer must suffer.

glastonbury party


And the most important part of all? Enjoy it. You’re bound to have one of the best weekends of your life at the founding father of the modern music festival. Glastonbury is the place to make some hazy memories with your mates, listen to some sick music and #LiveForSummer like it’s your last.

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