Fourth surfboards #RidePlasticFree – Flexi Hex

Surfboards are all about progression, whether it be pushing the boundaries of design, material performance, or with you and I striving to progress our surfing by changing up to a new sled.

Forward thinking and dynamic surfboard brand Fourth are keeping that progressive theme across their business, by becoming the first plastic-free packaging surfboard brand in the world #RidePlasticFree.

Drawing perfect lines in the shaping room, so you can draw perfect lines in the Ocean

We’ve all waded through plastic pollution on the beach on our way to the lineup, and some of us have experienced plastic caught up in our leashes and fins. It sucks, the nasty plastic stuff is ruining our playground and causing havoc in our oceans. So, it’s a strange paradox that our brand new stick arrives wrapped in the very material that is destroying the environment that provides the fun!

marine litter
Plastic – a familiar sight on the way down the beach … no matter how remote we search

It’s estimated that 1/3rd of plastic packaging escapes into the environment, contributing to the rubbish truck of plastic that finds its way to the oceans every minute!

Fourth Surfboards are taking a stand and leading the industry away from single-use plastic packaging, leading by example.

The dynamic brand is switching all of its packaging to the new recently launched Flexi Hex packaging for 2018, eliminating the use of plastic bubble wrap and plastic tape. The brand will remove a total of 11 miles of bubble wrap, and a combined weight of bubble wrap and plastic tape that is equivalent to 23,750 plastic bottles out of circulation.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 15.44.28
No plastic here! – Protecting a new Fourth beauty with Flexi Hex

Of course, that’s a massive win for the environment, through a move which we hope others will replicate. Flexi Hex not only offers more protection but it can also be re-used again and again. Great to keep the dings away from careless airline baggage handlers!

You can also buy Flexi Hex for your next trip HERE

Fourth will keep the sustainability momentum in 2018 by exploring a range of sustainability efforts, that our very own Surfdome ‘Green’ team plan to help with.

Gearoid Mcdaid_preview

Check out the latest Fourth range and look forward to seeing your next high-performance surfboard arrive in this awesome new packaging HERE

As many of you will know, the reduction of single-use plastic is a key activation for us here at Surfdome, having, to date, eliminated upwards of 1.2 million plastic bottles equivalent in our own packaging, find out more HERE