Do You Have 2 Minutes?

There are 525600 minutes in a year. 43800 minutes in a month. 10080 minutes in a week. 1440 minutes in a day. 60 minutes in an hour. Do you have 2 minutes?

Do You Have 2 Minutes?

Two minutes may seem like a completely insignificant amount of time but in the grand scheme of things, it can make all the difference. Non-profit organisation #2minutebeachclean promotes the idea that everyone can help reduce the global crisis of marine pollution with just a simple 2-minute beach clean.

In 2017, they launched a mobile app that helps the public record their beach cleans easily and quickly. Users can record their clean, upload images, check in to certain spots and easily post to social media. The app also provides invaluable data which can be used to pick out hotspots and types of debris to help combat the ongoing battle of plastic pollution.

Photo Credit: Family Creative

Surfdome has been a keen supporter of #2MinuteBeachClean since day one and we have worked with the organisation to spread their message; whether it’s from helping with beach boards in the UK and Ireland or putting their logo on all of our recycled and biodegradable packaging to help raise awareness around marine plastic.

“Here at 2MBC, we are thrilled that Surfdome are leading the way in the fight against plastic pollution. They are stepping up, not only by supporting our beach cleaning initiative but also by leading industry as an exemplar of good practice. Anything that any business does in the right direction is good – after all, the other option – of doing nothing – is not an option.”- Martin Dorey, Founder of #2minutebeachclean

During our SS18 campaign photo shoot in Peniche, Portugal we teamed up with #2minutebeachclean and local surfer Monica Santos through a creative collaboration to highlight how plastic is destroying our beaches and oceans.

Monica is your typical water woman. When not surfing, she is instructing others how to do it or, if not in the water, she will be found at her local beach in Baleal with her family. The ocean is quite literally her livelihood and therefore she is deeply affected by the ongoing marine plastic crisis.

“It’s sad to see all the plastic rubbish when I go surfing or go for a walk at the beach. Just take 2 minutes out of your day and we can help to take care of our planet. Surfing is all about a love of the ocean and we need to take care of it.” – Monica Santos

Photo Credit: Family Creative

The aim of the video collaboration was to provide a visual representation of how plastic is infiltrating our waters and to further cement our company stance on combating the issue. Filmed in the beautiful Portuguese coastal town of Peniche, Surfdome and #2minutebeachclean worked together to donate a beach clean station board* to local Non-Profit Organisation Marmeu.

Marmeu helps protect local beaches and the ocean environment by organising monthly Beach Clean Ups and raises awareness about the adverse environmental consequences of single-use plastic through art and community work in and around Peniche.

There are over 400 #2minutebeachclean boards around the UK and Ireland and this is the first of its kind to be placed outside of this remit and the first to be translated into another language! The boards are a great tool to promote beach cleans to the public by supplying recyclable plastic bags, an easy step-by-step guide on how to conduct your beach clean and valuable information on how to share your beach clean online.  

Photo Credit: Family Creative

Gina Mareen Prasuhn, Executive Director at Marmeu, moved from her native Germany to the coast of Portugal to live a life closer to the ocean. Drawn to Peniche initially to write her thesis on microplastics, she decided to stay and started up Marmeu. She quickly began organising monthly beach cleans and recycling the plastic ‘treasures’ found on the beaches by transforming them into artwork.

“We are so happy about the board and to collaborate in sharing solutions to global problems that we can apply in our area. When you are in Peniche, surrounded by this incredible Atlantic Ocean, you feel suddenly responsible for the well-being of it. If the sea makes you happy and it cares for you, you want to return this favour and make the ocean happy as well. 

For visitors to our beaches, this board will be great to motivate and encourage the people, to think ‘Hey! This is what you can do to keep this place a paradise…Do you have 2 minutes?’ We hope that once people start caring for their environment again, they will make it a habit.” – Gina Mareen Prasuhn

Photo Credit: Family Creative

We can all contribute to the ongoing battle against plastic pollution, whether it’s by conducting a quick 2 minute clean next time you’re by the coast, local park or other open space, or by removing plastic consumption from your day-to-day life altogether (check out #2minutebeachclean’s ‘No More Plastic book here for handy tip and tricks). At Surfdome we’ve made it our mission to eradicate plastic from our operations and educate others about plastic use too.

YOU can be part of the movement to take a stance and be part of the change.

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*Please note, at the time of this blog the sign has not been fully set up at the beach yet as Marmeu are still waiting for a licence from the authorities.