Can technology save our beaches?

The #2MinuteBeachClean global movement is adopting phone app technology in the fight against marine debris, we at Surfdome have been super proud to support the development and you can also help man the fight by searching ‘Beachclean’ in your app store!

If you have been anywhere near the coast or beach recently you will know that they are plagued with plastic pollution, a layer of plastic that arrives with each tide coating our favourite place.

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The solution to solve this insane situation we find ourselves in? Well, that’s a multi-pronged attack, a blend of industry change (that’s why we have eliminated the equivalent plastic of 1.2 million plastic bottles from our own operations) Consumer / cultural change through awareness and education, yes you and I voting with our wallet every day. And of course, cleaning up which is where the #2MinuteBeachClean barefoot army comes in!

But understanding what is going on our beaches and highlighting patterns can be a key element in the fight against the plastic tide!

That’s where the all-new #2MinuteBeachClean App steps up to the mark, its a simple concept and extension of the existing process of tagging your #2MinuteBeachClean photos which to date have been a phenomenally powerful vehicle for communicating the situation on our shores.

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The App now allows beach cleaners to log into one of the many #2MinuteBeachClean stations dotted around the UK and Irish coast, a Blue Flag beach, a beach cleaning group (you can add your own) or simply your current location and record your clean.

Once logged into the chosen location, you have the option of adding a photo and comment whilst also being able to add information on the type and quantity of the marine debris found. Finally, the App pre-prepares a social post for you through your chosen platform to let your followers know the where and how of an awesome good deed that you’ve done for our beaches!

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So what does all this collection of data achieve? Surely some random photos and plastic bottle count can’t effect change?

Well, what the App does for us is provide us with a bird’s eye view, an opportunity to see patterns. It helps highlight areas of concern and specific local actions to combat the problem. For example, a specific beach might experience large quantities of plastic bottles, this might indicate poor public bins in the nearby areas, which can be addressed. Another beach might have excessively high amounts of fishing gear collected, working with the local fishing industry might help overcome this local issue.

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From a recycling point of view with companies such as TerraCycle now collecting marine plastic, it can help them and others focus their attention on areas that have access levels of the plastic they collect.

On a broader level, the App will really shine a light on the worst offenders, of which most of us already have an idea – but things really change when faced with more solid evidence.

Evidence and knowledge are the most powerful weapons and we need an arsenal to beat marine plastic!

So get going, download the app now and save it to your home screen!

Android – HERE