2018, time to do things the right way?

Being an action sports retailer, we’ve always been about taking big, bold… you guessed it ACTION! And when it comes to looking after our favourite places (which is pretty much the whole environment), we are no different. In 2018 we’ve stepped it up a notch and moved into a state of the art, highly sustainable new warehouse facility.

But even that’s not far enough for us ….

We don’t get caught up in paper trails or certification (not there is anything wrong with that). We’ve always focused our efforts on making a difference tomorrow, real tangible efforts that limit our impact on the very environment that we all depend on in our daily lives, and for our chosen activities.

Some of you will be well aware that we took out 74% of plastic packaging from our operations in just one quarter of 2015 in our response to the sheer amount of plastic floating around our lineups and beaches.

Our plastic reduction strategy has gained us high acclaim, but it’s essential that we keep pushing the envelope when it comes to sustainability as it never really has a ‘done’ tick box – there’s always more to be done!

So, we are massively proud to introduce our brand new warehouse, it’s a shining example of how businesses should operate in 2018 and beyond, with a long list of accolades that we plan to build upon.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.12.56

Our amazing new building’s environmental credentials started even during its construction through the protection of 124 acres of central Peruvian rainforest with Cool Earth, to offset the embodied carbon emissions of construction.

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Upon completion, the building has achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ and an Energy Performance Certificate of ‘A’.

What do they mean? Well BREEAM is not a compulsory standard but it’s a rating for buildings that want to go a step further – limiting the impact on the environment during construction and making sure the building is as friendly as it can be to people and the environment throughout its lifetime.

How? …. OK (takes a deep breath); a high-efficiency heat recovery system, a grey water system making use of rainwater, Solar PV generating electricity from the sun, Solar thermal producing hot water from the sun, the grounds encourage the local ecology, full facilities to encourage our staff to travel responsibly to work, a building designed to encourage the wellbeing of our staff…. I could go on!

The energy Performance certificate of ‘A’ is pretty much the highest standard that can be achieved and it means that our new warehouse uses minimum energy to operate by making full use of onsite renewable energy generation. This essentially limits our effect on climate change.

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But Surfdome being Surfdome … this wasn’t enough, so we’ve gone even further! Our electricity contract is 100% renewable (brought only from Wind, Sun and Hydro Power so no burning at all), our gas contract is a ‘Frack Free’ 100% biogas supply, the site will be a ‘Zero to Landfill’ operation and plans are being laid out to go further ….. much further!

And we are bursting to tell you!

It’s 2018 and, in reality, this shouldn’t even be newsworthy in our opinion – this should just be the norm. Let’s do things right! 

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