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What’s more frustrating than going back to school or college with last years backpack clinging to your shoulder for dear life? …Nothing. We’re not old enough to have forgotten the struggle, that’s why we’re supplying you with a whole host of Surfdome backpacks to take back to school this September.

But hold on? These backpacks aren’t solely for school, if you’re doing a bit of travelling this summer a backpack is a sure fire way to effortlessly carry all of those essentials. Plus it leaves your hands free to capture every moment of your experience with a camera (or selfie stick).

Those of you heading to a festival will know there’s nothing more annoying than having to stuff cans of cider in your pockets just so you’re free to dance the day away. A backpack is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to carry a bag around in their arms…and let’s face it, you can fit far more cans in a backpack than you can in a handbag!

We’ve got tons of patterns, prints and colours to kit you out. So take a look at some of our favourite Surfdome backpacks below.



It’s hard to compete with some of the fantastic patterned backpacks on the market recently, but we think we’ve hit the nail on the head. From floral and cosmic to Navaho and splatt – we have something to suit everyone.


From Left to Right: Surfdome Mexico Way (£10.49), Surfdome Gobstopper - Cosmic (£16.99), Surfdome Gobstopper - Hibiscus (£14.99), Surfdome Gobstopper - Splat (£14.99), Surfdome Gobstopper - Swallows (£14.99), Surfdome Gobstopper - Star (£14.99)


Plain But Punchy

If patterns aren’t your thing and you’re just after a  standard backpack, our selection of plain but vibrant colours should tickle your fancy.

Surfdome Backpacks

From Left to Right: Surfdome Gobstopper - Black (£14.99), Surfdome Gobstopper - Blue (£14.99)

We have full confidence in all of the Surfdome backpacks and that’s why we are giving you a one year guarantee with every single one. CLICK HERE to check out all of our Surfdome backpacks and don’t forget to take a look at our buyers’ top picks this season!

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