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  • Top Windbreaker Jackets

    No longer the sole reserve of train spotters with skin conditions, Surfdome proves why 70s-apparel is back on point – enter our top windbreaker jackets. Functional, lightweight and guaranteed to protect against the elements, we know a good lifestyle over-layer when we see one. And, the most unlikely brands have provided their own spin: Adidas […]

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  • Valentines Gifts for Surfers

    valentines gifts for surfers The 14th of Februrary comes every year with the usual debris; lovestruck dinner dates, huge bouquets, stolen kisses and for some, probably a broken heart (tears, weep, sob, pull yourself together etc). Whether you’re single or locked in love, Valentine’s Day is unavoidable. Buying gifts can be tough – we all […]

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  • Brand Spotlight: RELIGION CLOTHING

    East London edge has officially gone global – all thanks to Religion clothing. Founded in the early 90s, this Shoreditch-based brand (a likely location) has converted the masses worldwide with stores in America, Singapore and throughout Europe. Pieces are imbued with a distinctly rugged edge whilst still maintaining a sense of tailoring; it seems you can channel […]